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Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water

  • Eliminates cancer causing free radicals
  • Hydrates body 3x more than top water
  • Prevents acid reflux
  • Aids in asthma , bone,  and liver health
  • Absorbs essential nutrients 
  • Increases focus and clarity and much more…

Our Company

AlkaVita is packed with natural minerals that provide superior and oxygen to your cells. AlkaVita has a pH of 8.0 with naturally occuring electrolytes with additives or artificial enhancements . AlkaVita is pure life in a bottle.

AlkaVita Alkaline Water hails from Florida’s finest tasting spring. It’s water is from  protected, natural, water-filled caverns deep within the Floridan aquifer in Central Florida. Our source is located under a lush hammock that was once a winter camping ground of the Timucuan Indians, the “People of the Sun”. 


AlkaVita is packed with natural minerals that provide superior hydration and  oxygen to your cells. AlkaVita has an 8.0pH with natural  electrolytes and no artificial enhancements. Our bottles are made from 100% BPA FREE  biodegradable plastic.  AlkaVita is LIFE in a bottle.

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AlkaVita hails from a natural alkaline Florida Spring. our protected Limestone aquifer flows deep underground below a central Florida National Forest.